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DaVinci Miqro Explorer Dry Herb Vaporizer

DAVINCI has been one of the strongest brands in the dry herb vaporizer industry for the pass couple of years, since their establishment in 2011, when Courtney Smith, the founder, had the desire to change the dry herb vaporizer game.

Today we are going to take a look at the Miqro Explorer Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit. The kit includes the styling case, sleeve, extra 18350 battery, grinder and carrying tube and more. The Miqro vaporizer is really nice and small which makes it comfortable to hold for a firm grip.


How To Use The Miqro Explorer Dry Herb Vaporizer


It’s real easy and simple to use. 5 Clicks to turn the Vaporizer on, and then the arrow keys to select the desired heat setting. You can either hold the power button and adjust to the heating temperature that you like using the Precision Mode, or use the Smart Paths which slowly increases during your vaping session. A great feature that it has is that it has LED lights that indicated the heating temperature.

The Miqro Explorer Dry Herb Vaporizer is an overall easy device to use. You can purchase one easily online from The Cannassuer Cafe.

I like what they did with the invention of the Smart Path which features four different settings. The heat up times are s follow: Setting 1: 30 seconds heat up times to 350°, Setting 2: 30 seconds heat up times to 370°, Setting 3: 45 seconds heat up times to 390°, Setting 4: 55 seconds heat up times to 410°. That’s really fast. DAVINCI believes that the user should have the power to dictate their own experience and that’s why they created all the different heating settings in the Miqro vaporizer.


Miqro Explorer Dry Herb Vaping Sessions


It’s best to pack the vaporizer a bit tight with your supply to get it heated perfectly and get the best flavour out of it. Most experienced Cannabis uses prefer to start off with the Smart Path setting 3 when they have their first few sessions of vaping and gradually increase to a higher heating setting.




It’s very easy to clean and maintain the Miqro as most of the pieces are removable. For a great cleaning experience you can soak or rinse it with alcohol. The material is made from ceramic materials so if you keep it clean, you’ll never have to worry about your device dying and clogging up.

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