cbd oil for period cramps

Is CBD good for menstrual cramps?

The unbearable pains you ladies get every month that makes you feel like you going to give birth any time? Also known as period cramps, something every woman faces from their early teen days throughout their adult years.

Many Painkillers can do the trick to ease the pain a bit, but some woman prefer a natural remedy.

That’s where CBD products come in.

CBD is an extraction from the cannabis plant, but note, this won’t get you high as it does not contain THC (ingredient in the plant that gets you high).

Only CBD products that contains less than 0,001% of THC are legally allowed to be sold, anything more than that and your looking at some serious charges (well, maybe)

The reason wellbeing researchers believe this is effective against period pains is because CBD contains anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.

cbd oil for menstrual pains - cramps the cannasseur cafe

“There are no published research studies on using CBD for period pain relief, however, it does have well established, well studied anti inflammatory and pain relieving effect across a wide range of chronic pain conditions,” according to Dr Dani Gordon, who recommends CBD oil to patients in her private practice.

CBD comes in many shapes and sizes, this include tablets, capsules, oil and gummies. According to research, the best way to consume it is in oil form – keep it under your tongue for a about 50 to 60 seconds (this improves absorption and enters the body faster, resulting in faster results)

It’s good to always remember that CBD is not a medicine, it is a health and wellness supplement and does not cure any diseases. Helping with pain, inflammation, nausea, anxiety and insomnia is not related to curing a disease. That’s what confuses a lot of people.

So to say the least, many doctors recommend CBD oil for inflammatory conditions such as period pains, and is safe to use as long as you use the recommended dosage. Consuming a dosage too low will have no effect, and consuming a dosage too high will leave you feeling tired.

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