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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Spa Treatments And How It’s Evolving

In most luxury hotels all over the world using oils and herbal products in their spa’s, they’re starting to implement CBD oil as a massage treatment, and it’s taking the hotel world by storm!

How many of you can remember the CBD themed baby shower Kim Kardashian threw for her baby back in 2019? Okay, that is if you’re following the Kardashians. She had pampering sessions for her friends with CBD oil.

For those who don’t know, CBD is an extraction of the cannabis plant, which has become very successful in the health and wellness industry today. CBD is different from THC (the extraction of the cannabis plant that gets you ‘high’), CBD has many health benefits and does not make you high.

CBD oil has many health benefits when taken regularly, from pain ease, to treating anxiety and insomnia.

Fast forward 3 years later, and it seems as if the world is catching up to Kim K’s home CBD spa treatment. Many luxury hotels around the world are offering High-Tech CBD Treatments, where they scrub you down with CBD oil, rose petals, lavender and hemp leaves.

The theory behind this is that it works well when applied on the skin, rather than ingested, to stimulate the nervous system, and is good for your immune system.

Wellbeing researches and doctors are still divided on the benefits of CBD oil, but that won’t stop the spa industry embracing this wonder ingredient and experience, and the consumers are loving it.

Backed up by research, its to believe that the CBD industry is to hit the $20bn mark by 2024! No wonder the hotel industry is taking note and embracing this opportunity.

Some Luxury hotels are offering a divided approach using the ingredient: CBD massage treatment alongside a CBD infused breakfast. But you wont find this at any hotel. SchlossHotel Zermatt is known to have this in place already.

cbd oil in massage treatments - the cannasseur cafe

“The first time you have a CBD massage, you’ll feel on top of the world – your muscles will feel incredibly relaxed, you’ll sleep better,” – Helen Cain, OTO’s spa manager

Mandarin Oriental (one of the biggest names in the CBD wellness industry), partnered with OTO in September 2021 to create these treatments. Helen Cain is such a big believer in the benefits of these treatments that she left her Spa Director Treatment position to work in the CBD industry.

How much does a CBD massage treatment cost? Well a little bit more than an average treatment. If it’ll work better for you is up to you decide.

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